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GrowingUp by Lipxgloss21
MakeBeleiveThatIImpress    <-----------Old Picture.
So i was going through old pictures and i found a picture I did when I was 16 and decided to recreate it 4 years later. Im quite proud of the outcome.

p.s. the pictures i'm thinking of some aren't mine and i do not own them. They are just supposed to be some of my favorite things if they belong to you give me a shout 
favorite shows ~ Walking Dead, Game of Thrones
favorite places ~ Prague,......vienne also woops forgot to add that
Fave band~ haha still all time low
Fave singer~ still Alex Gaskarth(all time low:) haha and Tay
"future hoped for job~" I didn't put this one in like on my old one because im still trying to figure it out. But I am and always want to be an adventurer so I put picture of places ive been and adventures i am yet to have. 
and then animals, my animals, my art, coffee and me daydreaming like always
Wow found my self browsing on here. Really feel like i should take up photography again. Feeling inspired..... at 11.30 at night. Maybe tomorrow. I GOT IT! Ill wake up really probably not. Gonna make time for this!!! Feeling determined! I'll just have to procrastinate school a little always.

I am going to be genuinely surprised if I don't fail at least one of my classes. fingers crossed......that i won't fail. I was not cut out for College. -.-
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Centuries - Fall Out BOy!
  • Watching: My Grades go out the Window.
  • Eating: My Feelings.
  • Drinking: Water...At least I'm Doing Something Right.


Official Uni. student and future college drop out.

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